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How to use S20 Keyboard with your S20 Tablet2021-06-14T12:39:18+04:00
  1. Connect the Keyboard to your tablet.
  2. Ensure that your S20 Tablet is updated to the latest software version (S20-G-Tab-V2.0-20210309.<20210408_2258>

To update your S20 tablet follow below steps

Go to Settings> System> Advanced> System Updates

Check the current version. Click update if needed.

How to solve the sound problem2020-04-06T16:39:02+04:00

A. First make sure through software setting u did not solve the problem.

B. Check the speaker if is damaged, if damaged speaker then just change a speaker will be ok.

C. After changing the speaker still can not solve the problem, then u need to check the sound IC on PCBA.

How to repair if USB is not connected to the computer.2020-04-06T16:33:15+04:00

If you want to connect to your Android tablet computer but not connecting, how do you repair it?

When you want to update your Android tablet via computer but your Android tablet is not connected

First you need to check micro-usb. If micro-usb is some kind of damage then you need to change micro-usb

After changing micro-usb, even if the computer is not connected then we need to change the USB IC

If USB is not connected even after changing, we need to change cpu ic

After changing the CPU IC, there will be no more problems.

Of course your Android tablet will connect to the computer

Tablet is on but LCD not showing anything.2020-04-06T16:31:41+04:00

A. LCD or LCD FPC cable damaged, need to change new LCD.

B. FPC cable lose, need to re-connect the FPC cable.

C. LCD  IC which on mother board problem need to change the PCBA LCD IC.  Normally u can test it through another LCD.

The Tablet PC cannot connect with computer for data transfer, but can be charged.2020-04-06T16:17:15+04:00

A. Please go to setting menu, set it as following:

Settings —–Developer options —-USB Debugging (Select it)

Mark: For Some of Android version Tablet PC, please continue click “Build Number” 3-4 times, then enter into “Developer Options”

B. It is the problem of the cable, please change another cable and try again.

Tablet Storage showing not enogh.2020-04-06T16:13:03+04:00

The storage has used by the OS system  and drivers , so the storage which showing always not completely, same like our mobile phones storage showing .

How to check my device IMEI number?2020-04-06T15:39:09+04:00

Dail *#06# on your device, each SIM card slot against 1 IMEI number.

4G network is not working.2020-04-06T15:36:21+04:00

A. Make sure the tablet model is supporting 4G, and the band are working in your country operators.

B. Check if u have switched on the 4G  switch.

Sim card has inserted in the tablet, but showing no signal.2020-04-06T15:40:56+04:00

A.After insert the sim card must restart the tablet.

B.Please make sure the sim card is inserted in a correct way.

C. Open the internet connection option.

D. Go to setting to set up the correct APN which getting from the sim card operator.

E. Sim card slot damaged, need to send for service.

F. Input “*#06#” on dialer interface and get IMEI number, then confirm whether it is adapt to the local operator. If it cannot be used, please connect our service support team by email.

After Flashing the new software , the tablet can not be powered on.2020-04-06T15:32:23+04:00

A. Keep press the power button more then 10 seconds.

B. Use a pin to press the rest button.

C. Software not mach, need to find another correct version software.

Where can find the Firmware of the tablet?2020-04-06T15:27:45+04:00

Please to to our website  support-download page, then find the model of your tablet to find the firmware, or u can use the search option to search it. If u did not find the version 100% mach your device, please send a mail to our service support mail address service@g-tab.ae, and attach the picture of mother board and tablet serial number or IMEI number.

Tablet hanging on the logo page.2020-03-27T01:07:40+04:00

If the tablet is hanging on the booting  logo page.

A. Keep pressing the power button to restart  tablet.

B. Use a pin to press the restart button to restart tablet.

C. If still hanging on the booting logo then the software damaged, need flash firmware.


Tablet can not be power on-SF2020-03-27T01:08:54+04:00

If the tablet can not be power on.

A. Keep pressing power button 10 seconds and check if it can be on.

B. Use a pin to press the rest button and see.

C. Flash new firmware,

Tablet can not be power on-Hd2020-03-27T01:09:17+04:00

If the tablet can not be power on.

A. Use the original charger charge it more then 30 minutes.

B. Other hard ware issue, need go to service center for service.